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Rockwell Shaper Router Bit Spindle Adapter

Rockwell Shaper Router Bit Spindle Adapter

SKU: NXT-10015
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  • The NXTUL NXT-10015 allows you to use your existing ¼" or ½" shank router bits on Rockwell Shapers (see chart for model numbers). This adapter allows you to use standard router bits, which are lower cost and available at a much large selection than typical shaper cutters.
  • ER Collet system allows for greater clamping strength versus straight slotted collets. ER collets contact the entire length of the engaged tool shank. Uniform compression of collet ensures your cutter will not slip.
  • Premium cutter concentricity ensures maximum life of your cutting tools.
  • Independent collets for ¼" and ½" tool shanks assure maximum runout accuracy and tool holding power.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. with high grade tool steel and heat treated to ensure long life.
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