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NXT-10226 Carriage Bolt (5/16-18) T-Slot Cutting Kit

NXT-10226 Carriage Bolt (5/16-18) T-Slot Cutting Kit

SKU: NXT-10226
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  • PRECISE SLOT CUTTING: Craft the ideal slot for a standard 5/16”-18 Carriage Bolt using our specialized cutters.​
  • UNMATCHED FASTENER: Carriage bolts stand as superior fasteners, outshining T-Bolts and Hex Bolts. With 1.75 times more surface area than comparable Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts provide enhanced strength, security, and durability for your Fixtures, Jigs, and Hold Downs.​
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Our cutter set is ingeniously designed to work in tandem. Begin by creating your Vertical Slot, followed by an effortlessly T-Slot-ready result. Say goodbye to sanding and finishing – our built-in Edge Finishing cutter design takes care of it all.​
  • LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Experience longevity with our cutters' Micrograin Carbide Cutting edge, engineered to effortlessly cut through all types of wood time after time.​
  • STURDY BUILD: Featuring ½” shanks, our cutters offer superior strength and rigidity when compared to the more fragile ¼” shanks. Compatible with Shapers, Router Tables, and select Hand Routers (verify compatibility with your router brand).​
  • BROAD HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with various brands of Slatwall Hardware, provided you confirm the hardware dimensions for compatibility. As there is no industry-standard sizing for the hardware, checking dimensions is crucial.​
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