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NXT-10227 Carriage Bolt Hardware Kit

NXT-10227 Carriage Bolt Hardware Kit

SKU: NXT-10227
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  • WOODWORKING HARDWARE KIT: This set of knobs and bolts are perfect for your woodworking projects: jigs, fixtures, stops, clamping kits, and more!
  • UNMATCHED FASTENER: Carriage bolts stand as superior fasteners, outshining T-Bolts and Hex Bolts. With 1.75 times more surface area than comparable Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts provide enhanced strength, security, and durability for your Fixtures, Jigs, and Hold Downs.​
  • VERSATILE 4 Pack of NXTUL Threaded Phenolic Knobs 5/16-18, these knobs are perfect for woodworking fixtures and jigs , 5 lobe design with low profile ideal for all your projects
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Phenolic is tougher, more durable and more chemically resistant that plastic! Perfect for a variety of uses in the workshop or on the job site. The NXTUL Threaded Phenolic Knob features durable solid brass inserts to provide lasting stability when used as a t track stop knob or with other t-slot accessories
  • PERFECT DESIGN - Ergonomic 5 lobe Knob with large contact area that will help prevent slip, making it ideal for your woodworking projects”. The low profile knob feature (.6" height) on the knobs help prevent the knob from getting in the way! This unique design is unlike any other knob you will find!
  • SET INCLUDES: 4 - 5 Star, phenolic knobs with 5/16-18 Brass inserts, 4 - 5/16-18 1.5” Carriage bolts, 4- 5/16-18 2.25” Carriage bolts
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